Buttons and Bunting!

So from giant cupcakes for the Boys, this morning, to a giant cupcake for the Girls, this evening. And I really do not think you can get more girlie than Cath Kidston!

I’ll put my hand up and confess to not being the biggest fan of Cath Kidston. I love some of the prints and styles, and I can see the vintage-y, homely appeal. But as Ms Kidston said herself, her style provokes a “Marmite Reaction – People either love it and want a little bit of it very much, or want to stab us.” But when it comes to cake, there is just so much choice to incorporate into the design, it’s difficult not to include everything. And when the cake is a giant cupcake…. there’s just no stopping us!

Denise contacted us at the beginning of the year to arrange a cake for daughter, Megan’s 18th birthday. Could we create a Cath Kidston inspired cake, pretty pastels, stripes, rose swirls, flowers, buttons and bunting? Of course. However, can we made it dairy-free? Certainly! We’ve created a few dairy-free giant cupcakes and cakes, and just because there is an allergy or intolerance, why should that stop you from having an amazing cake.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Cath Kidston Inspired Giant Cupcake
Cirencester Cupcakes - Cath Kidston Inspired Giant Cupcake

I love everything about this cake – the colours, the stripes, the strawberries, the bunting, the buttons, the flowers… everything! And so did Megan and her family.

Happy Birthday Megan

L x

If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, please do drop us a line on 01285 644 994 or get in touch, using our contact form.

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