Vulcan to the Skies!

The Vulcan XH558 is one of the most iconic planes of the Royal Air Force. She last flew on 23rd March 1993, and the mammoth journey of her restoration and return to flight started in 1997. Her restored engines were started for the 1st time in August 2007, and she flew again on 18th October 2007 (my birthday!). Check out for more information. This year is also the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, and she was the aircraft involved in the long range missions Operation Black Buck. In my pre-cake work, I was a Research Psych working into the air force. One of my colleagues was a XH558 Navigator. Those who I know who flew or worked with the Vulcans hold them very dear to their hearts. She is the most awesome aircraft, and it’s great to have her back in the sky!

For Michael’s, or Barry to his friends, 50th birthday party, we were asked to create a cake that included this amazing aircraft. The cake design was clean and uncluttered so the star of the show, Vulcan, takes to the sky once more. Underneath the clouds, lay a 10 inch vanilla bean cake, filled with a strawberry preserve and creamy vanilla bean buttercream. All decorations are modelled from sugarpaste.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Vulcan to the Sky Birthday Cake
Cirencester Cupcakes - Vulcan to the Sky Birthday Cake

We hope that we captured some of the beauty of this remarkable aircraft, and that Michael liked his birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Michael!

L x

If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, please do drop us a line on 01285 644 994 or get in touch, using our contact form.

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