Cirencester Cupcakes - Candy Cane Tutorial

How to make sugar paste candy canes

Now the blog has undergone a bit of a facelift and the new website is due for launch in the new year, we thought we’d start sharing more of what we do here at Cirencester Cupcakes HQ, with you.

We are asked lots of questions about how we make our decorations and baking tips, so we have launched a new forum on our Facebook page, where you can ask the Cirencester Cupcakes team, and all our fans, for advice. To go alongside this, we will be blogging tutorials and recipes, that we have tried and tested and love!

With us being in full festive swing, we thought that our first tutorial would be how to make simple but effective sugar paste candy canes, for your Christmas cupcakes. We love creating these for on top of our mint choc-chip cupcakes in the shop.

What we use and how we do it!

  • Sugar Paste – White and pre-coloured Red
  • Sugarflair Red Extra Gel Colour – if not using pre-coloured red sugar paste
  • Cocktail Sticks
  • Small Knife
  • Non-stick Rolling Mat
  • Cake Polisher or Smoother
  • TREX
  • Gum Tragacanth

Cirencester Cupcakes - Sugar Paste Candy Cane Tutorial

1. Before you start, if you have decided not to use pre-coloured red sugar paste, you will need to colour your white sugar paste, red. We use SugarFlair Red Extra gel colour as it gives a strong red colour, rather than a pinky red.

2. Add a little Gum Tragacanth (Gum Trag) to both your white and red sugar pastes (approximately 5g to 250g of sugar paste). Leave the sugar paste to settle for 30 minutes. The Gum Trag will help stiffen the sugar paste, so that when the candy canes are modelled, they will hold their shape better.

3. Take a walnut sized ball of both white and red sugar paste, and using the cake polisher to apply even pressure, roll the sugar paste into long ropes, approximately 5mm in diameter. If your sugar paste feels a little dry or will not roll out easily, knead a very small amount of TREX into it.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Sugar Paste Candy Cane Tutorial

4. Pinch the two sugar paste ropes together and gently twist them together; being careful not to twist them too tight, and cause them to break.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Sugar Paste Candy Cane Tutorial

5. Using the cake polisher, gentle push down on the twisted sugar paste and roll together, so that a single sugar paste rope is formed. If your twisted sugar paste gets too long, cut the rope into smaller pieces, and continue to roll. It is easier to work with smaller lengths of the twisted sugar paste, as breaks are less likely to happen. Keep the pieces of twisted sugar paste in a sealed plastic food bag when you are not using them, to prevent drying out.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Sugar Paste Candy Cane Tutorial

6. When you have rolled your twisted sugar paste into one rope, cut it into equal lengths, approximately 6cm long. If you would like more stripes in your candy canes, gently twist the ends of each sugar paste length in opposite directions.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Sugar Paste Candy Cane Tutorial

7. To finish your candy canes, gently fold one of the sugar paste over to form a candy cane. Leave the candy cane decorations to dry over night, to make sure that they will hold their shape when your decorate your cupcakes.

8. When completely dry, top of your cupcake and add a sprinkling of edible glitter for the finishing touch!

Cirencester Cupcakes - Sugar Paste Candy Cane Tutorial

Why not use these candy cane to decorate festive peppermint cupcakes!

We hope that you find our first tutorial helpful, and we’re looking forward to creating more! We’re working on our photography skills at the moment, with the help of our lovely friend, Caroline Alexander Photography, my photos will get ten times better!

L x

Most equipment can be found in your local supermarket, or you can pick everything up into your local cake decorating shop or via our online shop.

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