Vintage Birthday Giant Cupcake

Everyone loves cake, right? But not everyone can eat cake because of allergies, right? Wrong!! I have a nut allergy and as such, the shop and bakery are completely rid of any nuts, not one single one crosses the shop threshold. Well, there is one… that’s me! Because of my allergy, I’m particularly careful when it comes to other’s allergies, and am keen for the allergy to not become a barrier to cake.

Over the last couple of years, I have perfected a mighty fine gluten and wheat free cake, as well as a dairy free alternative. My customers appreciate that I am fully allergy conscious, because of my own allergy, and come to me with all manner of requests. I have one lovely family who have two children that can not have dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy or soya. Between us we have perfected a recipe that the children love, and the main reason being is that they can have something that looks the same as their brother and sister’s cakes, but that they can also eat.

Back in the summer, I was asked by another lady, if it was possible to bake a dairy-free giant cupcake for her daughter’s 18th birthday party, along a vintage theme – ‘there must be bunting’. Of course it was possible, and this is what we created.

Giant Dairy-free Cupcake for 18th Birthday Tea Party
Giant Dairy-free Cupcake for 18th Birthday Tea Party

Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our cake on.    The design was lovely, and it tasted even better!  Will definitely be using you in the future.

Even allergy-friendly cake can taste fantastic!

L x

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