Finger Licking Good!

Did you know that we make cakes as well as cupcakes? If we think it’s possible to create something out of cake, we will certainly give it a go!

Back in the summer, we said yes, when Karrina asked us to create a cake for Ian’s 60th birthday. This wasn’t any ordinary cake, but a cake to look like a bucket of KFC Fried Chicken, complete with chicken pieces. How cool!

The bucket of chicken, was a 5 tier rich chocolate cake, whilst the chicken pieces were moulded from Rice Krispie Treats. I’d been wanting to do something with Rice Krispie Treats for along time, having seen them being used in lots of Food Network Challenge creations. They worked a treat (excuse the pun) and the lumpy, bumpy texture helped to recreate the look of the chicken pieces. Add some sugarpaste french fries and a sugarpaste packet of Heinz Tomato Ketchup and voila!

Ian's 60th Birthday Kentucky Fried Chicken Cake
Ian's 60th Birthday Kentucky Fried Chicken Cake

I loved creating this cake, and when we delivered it to the restaurant, as a surprise for Ian, the restaurant staff, couldn’t believe it was actually a cake. Mission accomplished!

Thank you so much the cake was great – Karrina

Happy Birthday Ian

L x

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