Any excuse for a party…

… but no better excuse than the opening of my first cupcakery and shop! I can’t believe it has finally happened, I’m open, I’m baking and people are flocking to the shop; absolutely amazing!!!

I opened the doors a couple of days earlier than the official launch day, so I could get used to a new kitchen set up, understand how my day’s might pan out and just settle in. So from Wednesday 31st March, Cirencester Cupcakes was in business! I’d chosen the week before Easter to open as I knew Easter was going to be busy, and it meant we could hopefully have some lovely bank holiday weather too. Alas, it rained!!

The official opening was on Saturday 3rd April. I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic day, well except for some sun, but it was amazing. Three and a half hours after opening I had completely sold out, and had to start baking for the evening’s do. So many fabulous people come to help me celebrate, all my family and friends who have supported me and Cirencester Cupcakes since the redundancy in November, and my fantastic Swan Yard neighbours who have made me feel most welcome and like I’ve been there for years. I was incredibly delighted that Cotswold Life were coming along to feature the opening in their society pages too. My Brother made a little bit of a speech to say how proud he, Mum and everyone was of me… cue the tears! Then as he and my Sister-in-Law getting married was the catalyst for the business starting, the performed a little ribbon ceremony for me… cue the tears again. You get the picture now, there were lots of tears.. LOL!

Cirencester Cupcakes is open in Swan Yard, Cirencester between 10.00am and 5.00pm, Tuesday to Saturday or telephone 01285 644 994.

So just for you all, here are a few words and photos of the evening courtesy of Cotswold Life.

Louise Land of Cirencester Cupcakes threw open the doors to her new store at Swan Yard
in Cirencester.

During an emotional ceremony Louise was joined by close family and friends including her brother Adam who made a speech and performed the ribbon cutting. Supporting local produce and producers is at the heart of Cirencester cupcakes, Louise endeavours to use local, quality ingredients where possible, as well as sourcing and using fair-trade products and always using fresh free-range eggs.

Cirencester Cupcakes use only the finest natural ingredients and there are no additives, preservatives. Fruit means real proper fruit, sourced locally from local farmers and farmer’s markets.

Cirencester Cupcakes - Swan Yard, Shop Opening
Cirencester Cupcakes - Swan Yard, Shop Opening
Cirencester Cupcakes - Swan Yard Opening
Cirencester Cupcakes - Friends Stacey & Ian, and my Brother Adam, Me and my Sister-in-Law Sara
Cirencester Cupcakes - Me and the Cupcakes, naturally!
Cirencester Cupcakes - Me and the Cupcakes, naturally!
Cirencester Cupcakes - Ian, Mr Cupcakes, and Me
Cirencester Cupcakes - Ian, Mr Cupcakes, and Me

4 thoughts on “Any excuse for a party…

  1. Thank you :o) So far, so good! Really looking forward to summer. Lots more fab things planned for the next couple of months as well x

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