From the Cotswolds with Love…

This was originally posted on my personal blog Happy Food so forgive me for the cross-posting but it seemed the best way to explain how I’ve got here, and also introduce the Cirencester Cupcakes WordPress blog.

I suppose it’s time to explain to you about were I’ve disappeared to over the last couple of months. I’d love to say that I was on a beach somewhere far away, but I haven’t, so I won’t. In fact, I’ve been here, where I’ve always been, just not blogging. It’s not because I didn’t want to, it was that I hadn’t the time.

As you know, I started the blog as a sort of diary for my brother and his fiancee (now wife) so that they could see the how I was getting on, on the road to making their wedding cake; and as a spin of to that, and also as practice I was baking for everyone, family, friends, colleagues etc. The more I was baking the less time I had to blog. But on this little journey of mine, I discovered the wonder of the cupcake! I know that sounds a bit twee and corny, but trust me the humble cupcake is probably the best thing to happen to me recently, except for my other half. So, during all the this practice, I started to perfect my cupcakes: flavours, decorations, combinations, as birthday gifts or ‘just becauses’, and things just got bigger and better

It was a sort of sideline that I decided to build myself another website, one for my cupcakes. I never expected it to take off like it did. But it did! It went crazy, and to cut a relatively long story short, Cirencester Cupcakes was born! It was always only meant for me to do something in the evening every now and then. But within the first two weeks, I’d received an order for 300 corporate cupcakes, on top of orders from all over the county as well as the USA. It was pretty clear, that this was going to be a full-time 5-9 business, on top of my normal working day, but I loved it (and I still do!).

So back to blogging and my life, a couple of weeks ago I was made redundant completely out of the blue! I can honestly say that it was and still is a complete shock, but there is no point being a victim and sitting around waiting for life to come to you. I’m one of life’s pro-activists. I can’t sit twiddling my thumbs all day, so I started the job hunt, but professional roles for redundant research psychologists with IT knowledge, are few and far between. Even going for more normal roles, that admittedly I relish, have so far been ‘sorry you’re far to over-qualified’. So, the cupcakes have been keeping me busy, as well as the fabulous wedding cake. In fact they’ve been keeping me more than busy, so I’ve made everything official and I’m now self-employed! Cirencester Cupcakes is well and truly here! on the map and bringing fabulous cupcakes from my own little home-cupcakery. And I don’t intend to stop there, a bakery somewhere in town would be nice, but I need to learn to walk before I run.

So that’s what I’ve been doing in a very roundabout way, and I promise that the blog won’t become commercial or purely business; but I would love to share some of the things that I have done or am doing with you. And maybe you’ll decide to try my cupcakes out sometime…

Why not click the links below to see our fabulous new business!

Cirencester Cupcakes


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